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 JEAN NASH JOHNSON is a blogger and former Texas newspaper reporter and editor of 25 years who writes about race and other topics that matter 50 years after the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.  In between her book-ended journalism career, two-year start out of college with The Houston Chronicle, 23-year finish with The Dallas Morning News, Jean worked on Capitol Hill five years for U.S. Sen. Russell B. Long. During President Jimmy Carter’s administration, Jean was appointed to the public Information office of the Federal Maritime Commission, and in the early ’80s had a brief stint in public information for The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under Chair Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Jean has reported and written countless stories  on countless issues, though the topics she embraces most fervently are those that involved everyday people and how they live. Writing about lifestyle, culture and diversity build bridges. Storytelling helps us understand our differences, and it teaches us the many ways we are the same.

Loose Lips (JNJ Secrets): Jean is an award-winning amateur photographer! She prides herself in having won a coveted 1994 State Fair of Texas ribbon in Photography for a prized spontaneous Dallas Arboretum picture. (“If you got a quick eye, you got a quick eye.”) Her professional photojournalists friends are ineligible to compete for state fair distinction and therefore envious. Oh, and Jean also has an abiding love for the pelican, believes in angels, owns and wears six hoodies and doesn’t mind  cats, but does not like cat videos. “No matter how big a draw they are to blog sites, those videos creep me out!”

Jean  is grateful to Silvie F.  for guilting her into going with her heart and creating this blog.  She also especially thanks Sarah and Rachel for giving their thumbs' up on the blog's inimitable cover image!  (For the company line, se "About Me"  at eraceyourisms.com)

And, of course, there's much gratitude to her genius and cheap tech support guy.

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