Welcome back

Dear subscribers and followers,
If you visited the website over the last two days, pardon the interruption during the remodeling.  A recent ice storm forced me indoors and gave me the chance to spruce up the blog.  Your input and feedback have led to improvements that will enhance your experience here.  Namely, no more hunting for the "Subscribe" button (now, to the right of each page) and comments box (at the end of each post).
Being iced-in also enabled me to quiet the mind for more writing. Here's what's coming soon...
** As the world prepares for Sunday's farewell to Nelson Mandela, eRACE your isms  looks at the revered Mandela and two other late 20th century figures to study what it takes to become the face of a movement.
** Also, as the NFL regular season nears the end, I need readers to calm my rant about a storyline pertaining to tolerance.  No, I'm not talking about the before-preseason Riley Cooper n-word incident or the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito "bullying" drama.
** And, "You can touch it, now!" Another hair-raising epiphany. Or is it?