With race, there’s almost always a nexus

I started out wanting this blog to be a "Politics-Free Zone".   It's a fantasy, though, to buy in to the notion that you can have conversation about race without politics seeping in, particularly given who currently occupies the White House.

Honestly, my request to those who are still complaining about the office's occupancy is, "Please, move on."  For the sake and saving of this generation and future ones? Barack Obama was elected to the U.S. Presidency. Twice! Because there are many Americans still ill at-ease and still angry, politics sadly becomes very relevant in discussions about race and culture and isms.

There, it had to be said.

If you are a New York Times reader, you likely have seen the column this weekend by fellow journalist and Times columnist Charles M. Blow. Charles kept me sane with his brilliant commentary during last summer's circus of a murder trial in the death of Trayvon Martin. In his Nov. 15, 2013 piece "Disrespect, Race and Obama," Charles nails it in one of the more  thoughtful pieces to date on how race is at the core of what I refer to as "The Washington Problem."