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Up Next: "White Trash?" Slur or lifestyle?  I was taught it was derogatory, a pejorative.  Why in the millennium are there mixed emotions and signals on its use? The answers may rest with the majority population.

Later this week: "Fight for dear old Grambling!"  Finally a win last weekend for the fighting Tigers (No, not the Tigers from that other Louisiana university). Do lousy gridiron standings mean Grambling is no longer the "pride of the USA!?"  Wait til you hear what I have to say about HBCs in general, and the hot mess at my beloved alma mater in particular!


Eight years ago today we lost a civil rights treasure. Rosa Parks was indeed in the right place at the right time, rosa parksbw but she didn't have to take a stand, or in this case a seat, on the Birmingham bus that drove us straight into a movement that dramatically changed the country for the better.

That's why I'm taking time today to salute Carrie Brown,  former Montessori kindergarten teacher and University of North Texas alum, for taking the time in 1995 to teach the story about Mrs. Parks, then a living legend. There was no strict curriculum that dictated Carrie teach this specific lesson, but boy teaching it is what she did. Read about this special  Rosa Parks moment in a reprint of my 2005 essay that ran in The Dallas Morning News in tribute to Mrs. Parks' passing.

WordItOut-Word-cloud-267755I love Word Clouds. I've used them for committee work and occasionally for my writing. Classroom teachers famously and effectively use it as a learning tool and corporations often produce them for project and planning purposes.

When erace your isms was conceived, I wondered first how much bias and isms was out there? What kind of hangups, pejoratives, prickly phrases, hate terms, lightning rods, slurs, intolerance campaigns, tolerance movements, race awareness, etc. had been introduced in our recent American history? I picked a time-frame, 20th century to 2013, and thus began the list that almost never ended. Until I decided to quit counting. Scan this giant word cloud!